Girl's Qipao Pattern

girls qipao girls qipao aline girls qipao frill sleeves girls qipao with sleeves nani iro fabric

So it's been 3 years since I first created my free qipao patterns for girls, first published in January 2014. It's been downloaded so many times I've lost count, hehe partially because when I first uploaded it I didn't know how to set up a download app to track the downloads.

One thing I have heard very frequently from my readers, is the repeated request for more sizes. The free pattern only came in 4 sizes, I can't even remember why I picked those 4 sizes. For sure, 2 of them were picked because I had to make them in my daughters' sizes. At that time I was drawing every single pattern from scratch and it was painfully slow. Until last year where I discovered patternmaking software and learned how to use it

I only got around to making it again in 2014, because this time I have 2 girls to sew for and I couldn't find a ready made pattern anywhere. So this time I made drafted it on the computer, added a side zip. I actually referred to an actual Qipao that my husband bought (mummy + daughter set) from Shenzhen. I think he was hinting at me to stop trying... heh....  but thanks to his purchase, I finally figured out how to attach the side zip and the rest is history.

Every year end, people start planning their Chinese New Year makes, and then I get some queries again on adding sleeves, how to do the back zip opening that I mentioned casually in one of my posts on my own hacks. When will I add more sizes etc.

So this year, I decided to actually get around to doing something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Create a full range of sizes for the Girls Qipao and also to launch my own PDF pattern store! In fact, I was working on two other patterns while I got reminded by one of my readers that Chinese new year sewing season is coming up, and please do I have a pattern with sleeves for it was cold where she came from. So just like that, I paused work on the other two patterns, and went into this full steam as I didn't want to miss the sewing frenzy. It's quite exciting every year to see the makes on my timeline, from people in the local sewing community. I actually documented some of these makes early this year. I hope to see more once I launch this pattern.

If you need more convincing, here are the Girls' Qipaos made by my Pattern Tester Group. Here you will find the different variations and how they look on the models of different age groups. 

Girls Qipao

Girls Qipao
Girls Qipao
Girls Qipao
Girls Qipao in nani IRO double gauze
Girls Qipao Mandarin Collar
made by Ivelina
Girls Qipao Short Sleeves
Girls Sleeveless Qipao
Girls Aline Qipao
Girls Qipao
Girls Qipao sleeveless
Girls Qipao
Girls Qipao Short Sleeves
Girls Qipao Toddlers
Girls qipao Frill sleeves


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