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3 weeks to Chinese New Year and I am launching a pattern that I hope is not too late to the party!

Many of you have asked me either through PM or email, if there will be a ladies Qipao/Cheongsam pattern. And the reason for being silent the past week or so, is because I have been busy working on it!

Well, not just me. In fact, this time I have roped in my drafting teacher Jean, who has very kindly sacrificed her beauty sleep to help me create this pattern.

As many of you know, I have had a free ladies Qipao pattern on my blog for quite a while. However, I do know that simply using a standard size template is not going to work for everyone, since it is such a fitting dress with lots of curves involved. So after some thought, I decided to offer custom size patterns based on your own personal measurements.


The all new Ladies Qipao / Cheongsam custom size PDF pattern comes in both straight (tight skirt) as well as A-line style. Unlike the A-line style for girls which has more ease, this is a fitted bodice with an A-line skirt (the one I used with the Keshiki fabric). The patterns are constructed for one-piece dresses so that there will be no obvious joining lines at the waist.

You can choose between sleeveless and sleeved versions. The pattern comes with short sleeves and fully enclosed cap sleeves. Half length sleeves (up to the elbow) are also available upon request, but that will require an additional measurement.

There is only one opening option - back zip option. as most of you seem to prefer this method as there is less hand sewing. It is also easier to wear and the front alignment is fixed and not subjected to the position of the frog buttons.

The reason why this pattern was released so late is because the instructions for the ladies version has been completely rewritten. A lot more details were added. For example, the construction of the stand up collar - which is a prominent feature for the dress, the darts sewing - which helps to shape the curves, and I have also changed the way the collars are attached, so that the back of the collars enclose the neck completely. The back zip is installed in the proper way which takes more time but is extremely important as this dress may look simple but simple details such as zip alignment, collar alignment and waistline alignments can throw the balance completely off. The sleeves are also constructed with ease in mind, and installed differently, to cater for the different built of ladies as compared to the girls version. Hence the sewing of this qipao may require more precise detail and attention, but the results will be worth it.

As this is a completely bespoke pattern, I will need to individually create your pattern pieces. I also forsee lots of communication needed in order to perfect those measurements, so due to those considerations this pattern is priced higher than my other patterns. However, you will receive a pattern that is completely tailored to your personal measurements. Something that you will not be able to do without attending a full drafting course.

What is required of you
This sewing pattern is not for absolute beginners. You will need some basic sewing skills, like sewing bias, easing in sleeves, an eye for detail, and most of all, be patient and not skip any steps for perfect results. You also need to take 22 detailed measurements. Full instructions will be given on how to do this. 

Future works in progress - Lined version

liberty cheongsam qipao pattern

I will be working on a second set of instructions for using the same pattern, but for a fully lined dress as you can see in the 4th picture - the dress made in Liberty tana lawn. The fully lined version is a more modern take on the traditional cheongsam, without the front flap feature, but retaining the mandarin collars. This fully lined version is assembled in a different manner, and requires the installation of facing and lining, so I didn’t have time to write up the instructions to make it in time for Chinese New Year, however, I will still be working on it for future release. All those who have purchased this pattern will receive it as an update to their instructions. With this set of instructions, and your personalised pattern, you can actually adapt it into a fitted dress, or a fitted bodice + skirt, so many hacks I can think of!

Limited Quantity
As each pattern will take some time to construct and compile, I will only be listing a limited number of patterns for sale a day.

How it works
This is how it will work. Once you purchase the payment, you will receive a measurements file in PDF form. Follow the instructions and take your measurements. Fill it in the form for your own future reference, and then head over to my Google Forms (link will be provided in the instructions file) to fill up your measurements.

Once submitted, I will check for any obvious errors, if there are none, I will begin to construct and compile the full set of patterns, and send you the entire package by email, within 1-2 working days (from the time the measurements are confirmed).

Ready to get started?

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