Accounts and Payment

You may create an account for faster checkout next time without having to key in your details again. Your privacy is important to us and we do not download/sell/use your information in any way other than to communicate with you regarding your orders.

Currency options
The default currency is SGD, and due to regulations, it will revert to SGD during the checkout process. Even if you selected a different currency while browsing the site, the checkout will have to be performed in SGD.

Payment methods
Current payment options are Shopify payments and Paypal Express Checkout. You can use a credit card with either methods.

For free patterns, they are absolutely free, no hidden fees will be charged.

Shipping and Delivery

There are no shipping charges as the digital downloads are delivered as links through your email. The emails should arrive in your inbox within 10mins of purchase. Please email us at if you do not receive them.