Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App
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Custom Size Qipao with Measure Fit App

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Please note that this pattern and the access to the App will be discontinued after 23rd Jan 2023. If you have purchased this pattern previously, please make sure you generate your patterns before the deadline. Strictly no refunds will be given if you have purchased but not used before the deadline.

The Custom Size Qipao Pattern is a collaboration between Sew Fun and Porcupine Patterns. This pattern uses an application called Measure Fit (developed by Sew Fun) to generate a customized Qipao Pattern based on your personal measurements.

Upon your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download the instructions, which will bring your through the steps of using the online app to create your own pattern. The email will only contain the link to instructions. Actual pattern sheet will be downloaded from the website via the Sewing details page.

Pattern Generation Quota (IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!)
Please note that each purchase allows for only 2 pattern generations attempts as it is meant for one single user only. We recognise that after the initial muslin, users may have taken one or more measurements wrongly and need to generate a new one. Hence 2 attempts will be allowed. You can make changes to your measurements or fit adjustments, but please make sure you have entered all your measurements correctly before clicking on Generate because if you exhaust your pattern generation attempts we are unable to reset it and you will need to make a new pattern purchase to generate new patterns. 

Due to the extensive testing required for each variation, at this moment the only variation that will be offered will be the sleeved, straight cut, back opening style version of the Qipao. You can use the pattern As-is for the unlined version but instructions are also provided for modifying the pattern (a simple matter of adding seam allowances to certain pieces) to make the lined version (with side zip) as well. 

A full step by step photo guide with detailed instructions is provided, as well as an informative video for how to start taking measurements and key measurement points is included as part of the application. Users will need to create a profile and key in their measurements before they can generate a Qipao.

Self Generated Pattern Limitations (IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!)
Due to pattern generation and paper size constraints, there are certain limitations to this pattern. Please do not purchase this pattern if your personal measurements are not within the range as follows. As this is a digital product, once purchased there will be no refund so please check that your measurements fall in the range for this pattern before purchasing.

Bust Circumference : 70-120cm
Bust radius (From apex to underbust) : 7.5cm
Cup size not more than size DD
Waist Circumference : 56-112cm
Hip Circumference : 75-125cm
Maximum Skirt Length : 65cm (due to paper size constraint but you can lengthen the pattern to your designed skirt length)

Fit Adjustments
You will be able to make minor adjustments to the following points that are unique to your body shape and size - Bust Dart size, Armhole Depth, Shoulder Slope Angle and Shoulder Length. These fit adjustments can be made without affecting the pattern generation quota.

As the patterns are automatically generated by the application, please understand that there are certain limitations to the size and length that can be offered due to printing paper size constraints. You might see some lines not perfectly smooth or end points that may not line up perfectly as these are automated results of computer calculations. These do not affect the fit of the Qipao as we have tested it extensively both in a classroom setting as well as online users. 

You will receive 3 files in a zip file download. Instructions booklet, A0 size and A4 (tiled) format patterns 
(Zip is a standard compression format. All up-to-date computers can open zip files without the need to install a paid software) 

Please join our FB group if you have any questions about the app or pattern generation. 
Please provide your order number when requesting to join the group.

Please note that this purchase is for a PDF pattern (digital product) and not a paper pattern.

Due to the nature of the digital product, no refunds will be entertained once the purchase has been made.

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